How Custom Plumbing Can Make ALL The Difference in a Video Studio

Have you ever thought about setting up your own video studio? If you have, I’m sure that you’ve already looked into all the things that you will need to do it right. You’ve researched photography and video equipment, lights, a location, the background and so much more. But I’d be willing to bet that you haven’t thought one bit about…plumbing. Yes, that’s what I said—plumbing. Ok, stop laughing; you know you are. Plumbing is the one thing people don’t think about until they don’t have it.

I’m not talking about a small basic half bath that you might find in a diner or worse, a gas station. I’m talking about a beautiful half bath with customized plumbing fixtures and lighting. It should be a bath will make the clients who would like to make those last minute touch-ups feel cared for and special. Remember, these are paying customers who are going to appear on camera in a video that you will film. This added touch will go a long way to build your reputation as a videographer who does quality work and cares about his clients.How Can Custom Plumbing Transform your Studio

So let’s design this bath. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make this pre-camera sanctuary look fabulous, especially if a bath already exists in your space.  You want to give the space a spa-like feeling that exudes luxury. The first thing you want to think about is the commode or toilet. An elongated seat and dual flush system which is high-efficiency will tell your clients that you care both about their comfort and the environment. A pedestal sink gives an ornate feeling to an otherwise basic item and has room for lightly scented hand soap and maybe a small floral decoration.

As far as color scheme is concerned, the simpler the better. You don’t want to overwhelm the room, especially if it is small, with more than two colors. Simple colors like creams or whites will provide an elegant backdrop for the rest of your bathroom design. Lighting is also an easy way to make the bath look and feel luxurious. Spotlights, wall lights, and illuminated mirrors add function as well as a touch of decadence and a more professional feel.

So now you have the color scheme, the plumbing fixtures, and the lighting. Now you need those special accessories that will complete the look. A basket full of pretty hand towels, some candles, silk flowers, and maybe some well-thought out extras like hand lotion, tissues or make up sponges or cotton rounds will do much to pull your new look together.

So now do you believe me? Picture this lovely bathroom in a space in or near your studio. Your client will come in and ask to use the restroom and will be wowed by what they see. The next time that client is asked for their recommendation for a great videographer, not only will they remember your work, but they will also remember how special they felt in your luxurious custom bathroom.

I, personally, have had some awesome work done by the guys over at They did a fantastic job helping set up a shoot and I couldn’t thank them enough. (Hope they like this little shoutout).

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